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The City of Launceston invites you to comment on its plans to review the expansion of the Smokefree Areas in Launceston's CBD.   The council will be consulting with local business owners and we hope the wider community will take this opportunity to have a say on this proposal. 

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Should the Smokefree Areas within the CBD be expanded?
Do you support the proposed expansion area that is being earmarked?
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Smokefree patrols are currently carried out monthly during the summer and on an ad hoc basis at other times. Additional regular patrols would require additional resources that would need to be budgeted for. Would you support the allocation of additional resources?
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How often should enforcement patrols be conducted?
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Is the smoking ban good for businesses within the CBD?
Is the smoking ban good for patrons within the CBD?
Is the smoking ban good for the City of Launceston?
While smoking is not illlegal, it is recognised that smokers will likely congregate to certain areas outside of the Smokefree Areas. In order to minimise littering and look at providing some form of amenity to the area, the Council is seeking feedback on the positioning of butt bins. Do you agree with the proposed locations of the butt bins? (you can see the locations at the bottom of this survey)
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Are the proposed number of butt bins
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