What does the Bushfire Management Strategy mean for the local park near me?

    Over the next couple of years, specific fire management plans will be developed for Council's Reserves throughout the municipality.  The community will again be invited to comment as we develop these documents.

    This strategy provides the overarching framework for fire management.  It describes the relationships to the state-wide fire management system, relevant bushfire hazard mitigation procedures and initiatives, and other Council plans and programs. 

    If you click here you will see a list of council reserves. 

    What is the bushfire season?

    Bushfire season is generally the fire permit period which is declared by the Fire Service - you could check their website

    Can I light a fire in my back yard?

    Within the city and suburbs back yard burning is not generally recommended as smoke from these fires may cause an environmental nuisance and should the City of Launceston Environmental Health Officer be called to the property, it is likely that the occupant will be asked to extinguish the fire if it is deemed to be causing a nuisance to neighbouring properties. If a person is found guilty of causing an environmental nuisance under S.53 of the Environmental Management & Pollution Control Act 1994 penalties do apply. could be a risk to public health or a fire risk and you could possibly receive a fine. 

    This link will take you to the State Government, Tasmanian Legislation Page.


    What happens if council is satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists on my land?

    If council is satisfied that a fire risk exists on a property an Abatement Notice can be issued under S.200 of the Local Government Act 1993 which will require the occupant to reduce the fire hazard by cutting grass back and/or removing weeds and maintain the site in a safe condition for the duration of the Fire Permit period. 

    If you believe a neighbouring property represents a fire risk then please contact council on 63233000. 

    What should I do if I want to light a fire?

    You should phone Tas Fire and ask for a Fire Permit.  There will be forms to complete.  You should also contact the Environmental Health Officer at the City of Launceston and discuss with the officer as there might be an issue with smoke if you live in the city or suburban area.  You should do all this within a timeframe long enough to sort out any issue. 

    Does Council keep a list of properties who might be potential fire hazards?

    Yes, every year the council posts around 300 letters to property owners who have previously had a fire hazard reported on their property.  It is just a reminder letter advising that the fire hazard season is coming up and that people should take steps to reduce the potential hazard on their property in order to avoid receipt of a formal abatement notice. 

    Does Council recommend a timeframe for making sure properties are clear of potential fire hazards?

    Yes, Council recommend that properties be cleared in late October and maintained throughout the fire permit period.

    What do I do if I need advice on control and/or removal of fire hazards?

    You should phone the council on 6323 3000