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Section 2 asks who the City of Launceston's young people are

over 5 years ago

We invite you to read this Section and tell us how we can provide more opportunities and help to young people.  You can have your say by responding to any of these questions, or if you'd like, you can join in a conversation with others. 
  1. How can we provide more opportunities for young people to gain employment?
  2. What would improve young people's opportunities to balance work and education with family and friends?
  3. What do you see as the key drug and alcohol issues for our city and region?  What's needed to prevent these issues becoming greater problems for our young people?
  4. What ideas do you have for making transport and housing more accessible and affordable?
  5. What do you see as the main concerns in regard to community attitudes towards young people?  How can we improve these attitudes and demonstrate the contribution young people make to our community?
  6. What are the main safety concerns for young people?  What's needed to ensure our young people feel safe within their homes and in their communities?
  7. How do we help young people grow in self-confidence and self-esteem?
  8. How do we ensure our young people feel a sense of belonging within their own communities?

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  • Sherridan almost 5 years ago
    I find there are too many questions here to address. I think community arts organisations (like Interweave and Access Arts Link) do an amazing job in helping people to become practicing artists. Skill and craft development beyond school years in the informal education sector is an area of huge potential.
    Supporting cross sectoral partnerships to occur could present new employment opportunities.
    In terms of demonstrating the contribution of young people to the community, I think that approaches like the old 'Streets Alive' approach of bringing the ingenuity and creativity of school students to the streets of the city is a wonderful way of showcasing their passion and achievements and helping them to build pride.
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  • Fatboy almost 5 years ago
    1. Council has a limited role that it can play in economic development. Given that it can't afford to lower business costs through rate concessions, it's main function should be to advocate for a fairer share of State and Federal Government projects. Hobart has been better insulated from the economic problems facing the remainder of the State because of the large public infrastructure spending that has occurred over the last few years, or that will occur soon (e.g. Macquarie Wharf Redevelopment/R.H.H upgrade/Parliament Square/Brighton bypass etc). A better share of infrastructure funds will lower business costs and stimulate private sector employment for people of all ages.
    4. Council needs to make headway with it's plans to boost inner city housing development. It's not enough to point out the disused spaces that exist over shop tops and in under occupied commercial buildings and hope private sector developers will respond. This is an area where the Council could drive modest levels of development by giving a 5 or 10 year rates exemption on developments that met defined criteria for reuse of existing buildings and rental affordability.
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