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Section 1 outlines the Vision, Aim and Values of the Draft Youth Engagement Framework

over 5 years ago

It also lists an Action Plan for 2015/16.   We invite you to have a read of this Section, and have your say by responding to any of these questions or, by joining in a conversation with others. 
  1. What would you change in the draft Youth Engagement Framework?
  2. What else would you include in the draft Youth Engagement Framework?
  3. What are some other ways that the City of Launceston can engage its young people or work with other organisations to do so?

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  • Sherridan almost 5 years ago
    First of all I'd like to convey my support for Council seeking to engage young people in the life of Launceston city. This is really important work and I'm also pleased to see that young people and people working directly with young people have been consulted in producing the framework. I hope that this is something that Council will follow through with meaningful support because young people really do need lots of support and encouragement to find their way in this world.

    I have some constructive feedback. I agree with some aspects of Fatboy's comments in terms of the Youth Engagement Framework being YAG centric, however I think that Goal 6 - having a 'whole of city approach to youth engagement' is actually really important, so maybe the wording of the goal can be adjusted but I'd like to see the essence of the goal remain.

    Overall my main comment about the Youth Engagement Framework is that I'm not surprised that it has received little feedback so far, because it's a lengthy document and I don't think it is really written for young people. It seems to be written more for Council and the YAG. I'm not young myself (I'm 45 and doing post graduate university studies at the moment), but I have 14 and 15 year old children in my home I'm a university tutor working with under 25s. The document doesn't 'speak' to them - it's impenetrable.

    Much of the framework appears to be inward looking (dealing with the internal machinations of council, YAG, and coordination with institutions and 'external agencies') rather than focused on young people who are supposed to be at the heart of this. I don't know if the young people reading this document care much if there's going to be a triennial review of the YEF and the 'youth policy'. I started to read the framework, however when I realised it was over 40 pages I soon stopped. I'm not certain how many people are going to read it - can it be shorter and can it use language that is more human friendly (instead of 'cohorts', SEC and SRC groups - what are these in plain English?, it took me some time to work out that YAG might be the Youth Advisory Group, but I'm still not certain). I also agree with Fatboy that some of the language appears to exclude (ie. 'the privilege of membership' to me conveys that there are people who are 'in' the club and therefore, people who are 'excluded' from the club).

    Once again, I'm hopeful that this is a direction Council is seriously pursuing. I just think it needs to more truly focus on young people and be drafted by and for young people rather than speaking down to them. Maybe it's the start of a new relationship 'with' Launceston's younger generation.
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  • Fatboy almost 5 years ago
    1. I think the draft Youth Engagement Framework is fine as far as it goes. However by being YAG centric the plan limits your ability to achieve Goal 6. If LCC are happy to only engage middle class young people who are already active in, and linked to, the community, education and employment then this plan will achieve that. That is a perfectly legitimate strategy for Council to adopt. However it excludes the disconnected young people who spend all day smoking cannabis and drinking as an antidote to their fears about actively participating in society. Unless some endeavour is made to engage this latter cohort then I think Goal 6 should be removed.
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