Where will I put the new bin?

    The new bin can be stored with your other wheelie bins - against the building, in the garage or in the yard.

    FOGO is a fortnightly collection - won't it smell?

    Generally, no. But in warmer weather if you are concerned that those prawn peelings will stink if you put them in your bin a week before collection, try putting them in the freezer and then into the FOGO bin closer to collection day.

    Where will the FOGO waste go once it has been collected?

    Once the FOGO waste has been collected it will be taken to a purpose built composting facility at the Launceston Waste Centre. There it will be turned into compost. 


    Will a FOGO collection reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill?

    In landfill FOGO waste will decompose anaerobically (without air). This releases potent greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. If this same material is composted, the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, improving the health of the atmosphere.

    What are the benefits of compost to soils?

    Compost is a wonderful source of slow release nutrients for soils. It improves the structure of soils, increases water retention and enhances overall soil health.  

    But I already compost at home!

    Well done! Home composting can be a challenging, but rewarding activity. While home composting is very effective for most food and garden waste, things like weeds, bones and dairy cannot go in a home composting system. Some home composters find that through a FOGO collection service they can keep a greater variety of materials they would normally send to landfill, like weeds, bones and dairy, out of their garbage wheelie bin.