What is the Greater Launceston Plan?

    The Greater Launceston Plan (GLP) provides a plan for the sustainable development of Launceston and surrounding areas for the next 20 years.

    It is a project initiated and led by the Launceston City Council in collaboration with the George Town Council, Meander Valley Council, Northern Midlands Council and West Tamar Council.

    It answers questions such as:

    • What will Launceston look and feel like in 20 years?
    • Where will new housing be located and how will people live?
    • How will we get around the city and region?
    • What infrastructure and projects should government invest in?

    The GLP was developed following substantial research on the future of the region, data analysis and consultation with the community during 2012.

    In 2012 the Launceston community told us that the Plan should focus on increasing economic prosperity, liveability and creativity in the region. These are now some of the key focus areas for the GLP.

    What is the VISION for Greater Launceston?

    The vision for Greater Launceston is a city and region that is:

    • Sustainable
    • Prosperous
    • Building upon our assets
    • Creative and innovative
    • Liveable
    • Connected and inclusive

    The Plan provides a strategy to:

    • Revitalise the Launceston CBD
    • Create new centres for commercial and community activity
    • Regenerate the city’s northern suburbs
    • Link the city’s major parklands
    • Create better planning for new suburbs
    • Attract investment to employment precincts at Bell Bay and
    • Launceston Airport
    • Build the Launceston Connector Route


    What PRIORITY PROJECTS are contained within the Plan?

    The Draft Plan contains 41 prospective projects for the Greater Launceston

    Region. These include infrastructure investment projects, economic

    development projects, new governance models, and liveability and

    environmental improvements. The projects provide the foundation for

    government and private investment in the region over the coming decades.

    • The Launceston City Heart Project includes a set of initiatives that will

    revitalise the Launceston CBD. The City Heart Project will promote a greater

    diversity of activities in the CBD, the reuse of vacant buildings, and better

    public spaces.


    • Building the Launceston Connector Route (LRC). The LRC will provide an

    alternative route around Central Launceston and the inner suburbs. It will

    connect the East Tamar, Midland, Bass and Tasman Highways.


    • The North Bank Precinct. The Tamar/North Esk riverfront at Invermay will

    be revitalised. A new commercial, tourism and recreational precinct will be

    created, along with new boardwalks and pathways.


    • The Living in the City program promotes development on sites in the city’s

    established suburbs. The aim of the program is to increase the diversity of

    housing options, and to meet the changing needs of our community. The

    program will encourage creative and sustainable housing design.


    • The Northern Suburbs Strategy will provide a blueprint for social and

    physical development in our northern suburbs. New parks and pathways,

    mixed-use developments, and economic opportunities will be created.


    • Further planning and investment attraction for Bell Port Bay and the

    Launceston Airport Gateway precinct. These precincts are critical to the

    economic future of Northern Tasmania.


    • The Metropolitan Parks and Pathways project will create a regional

    network of parks and pathways which will enhance liveability and

    recreational opportunities in our city.


    • Various governance and coordination projects. Partner councils will

    jointly implement the Plan through new governance and coordination

    systems, and through new environmental standards. A ‘Communities of

    Interest’ project will ensure our community plays a key part in the rollout of

    the Plan.

    What is planned for my local area?

    The GLP contains detailed planning for three key precincts in the city – the

    Launceston CBD, Kings Meadows and Mowbray.

    • The Launceston Central Area Development Strategy provides a master

    plan for the revitalisation of the city centre. This includes public space

    improvements, and the development of new precincts. The Strategy details

    design guidelines for future development in the CBD as well as improved

    access in and around the city centre.

    • Kings Meadows plays an important role as a centre for commercial and

    community activity. Major retail investment is currently planned for the area

    and the King Meadows Precinct Plan provides a vision for the future of the

    centre. This includes the revitalisation of Hobart Road, attracting a greater

    mix of businesses to the area, and better urban design.

    • The Mowbray Precinct Plan provides a vision for the future of this major

    commercial centre. It provides a plan to expand Mowbray Marketplace,

    revitalise Invermay Road, build a new multi-purpose community facility, and

    encourage medium density housing in the area. The Plan will also

    encourage better links to the UTAS campus.