What is the Launceston City Heart?

    Launceston City Heart (LCH) is an ambitious project to revitalise Launceston's central business district.


    The LCH Masterplan report states:


    "The Launceston City Heart project will redefine central Launceston to facilitate its adjustment to a modern regional retail, cultural and business hub for the Greater Launceston region. Through redevelopment and public investment in infrastructure, events and business capability, the project will attract further investment, provide overall improvement to the public spaces and streetscapes, improved connectivity and permeability throughout the heart of the City and will provide safer, more accessible pedestrian and bicycle modes throughout the City."

    What work has already been undertaken as part of the City Heart project?

    Projects that have already been undertaken as part of the City Heart project include the redevelopment of Quadrant Mall, Brisbane Street Mall and Civic Square, free Wi-Fi in the City and the introduction of new 'way finding' or route signage across the CBD.

    What does the second stage of the City Heart project involve?

    The second stage of the City Heart project (LCH-2) will focus on Paterson Street (between Charles Street and George Street) and St John Street (between Paterson Street and York Street).

    Council is looking at a range of improvements to make these streets more engaged with the city's character, more vibrant, greener and more accessible. Pedestrian amenity will be a priority - particularly in St John Street.

    When will these works be carried out?

    No precise timeframe has been set for LCH-2, however it is likely to be delivered within the next three to seven years to align with other city projects. Council will engage with key stakeholders and with the broader community before developing detailed designs and funding the project.

    Why is this a good investment?

    The renewal of CBDs is an important responsibility in any City to maintain contemporary public spaces and streetscapes. Council has engaged extensively as part of the Launceston City Heart project, the Tomorrow Together initiative and more recently the Draft Launceston Transport Strategy. LCH-2 will help deliver what residents and stakeholders have been telling us they want.

    Council will be seeking joint funding from the State and Federal Governments under the Launceston City Deal.

    What is happening with the bus stops?

    There is a proposal to relocate the bus stops from St John Street to a new bus interchange in Paterson Street (on the site of the Paterson Street Central carpark).This would also necessitate directional changes on some CBD streets (including Paterson Street). The impact of these changes will be the subject of further community consultation prior to a final Council decision on the interchange. The relocation of the bus stops will be considered as part of the LCH-2 design process and factored in to the detailed designs.

    How do we incorporate what you tell us into the design?

    The consultation will identify the City Heart design objectives as they are applied to St John Street and Paterson Street. It will also provide new ideas and suggestions to be explored and functional considerations to be addressed. All of these will inform - together with technical and functional considerations - the concept design to be unveiled later in the year.

    Does the artist impression generally capture what you'd like to see happen in St John and Paterson Streets?

    The 're-imagining' of St John Street and Paterson Street is about the value these streets will bring to our city's social, economic and cultural life over the coming decades.

    The LCH-2 ideas and concepts shared are to show what may be possible and generate discussion. We want to hear from you if you see yourself, family, friends and visitors using and enjoying these spaces in the coming decades. What new uses and experiences could a redesigned St John Street and Paterson Street unlock?