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Bus stops in the CBD

22 Jul 2014

Earlier this year businesses in Launceston's CBD asked the Launceston City Council to investigate the possibility of relocating the Metro bus stops in the CBD.  The Council undertook to investigate this request.   A project team was formed which included representatives from the Launceston City Council , Metro, DIER, Cityprom and the Tasmanian Bus Association.  A consultant, Pitt & Sherry were engaged to carry out a study - CBD Bus Interchange Study - to identify a preferred option on the best place for bus stops to be located within the CBD. 

There were 3 key objectives

1. That bus stops have to be in a location within easy access to known  destinations, retail outlets, commerce and services (and vice versa)

2. That bus stops need to be in convenient and practical locations for public bus passengers commuting through the city centre. 

3. That the 'congregation and waiting areas' of bus stops do not unduly congest entrance ways and shops fronts

And, the following had to be taken into consideration

  • public taxi ranks;
  • public vehicle storage queue areas and laybys within the CBD;  
  • have appropriate regard for bus operational efficiency,
  • travel times and cost;
  • have regard for improved amenity which may recommend managing private vehicles and increased pedestrianisation

7 options were considered for the location of the bus stops.  Each option was considered by the project team and scored against a set of agreed criteria .  4 options met this criteria.  They are:  Option 1 - Option 3 - Option 6 - Option 7 

This is an opportunity to have your say on the bus stops in the CBD!  Read the information, have a look at the interactive map and have your say.    
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