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Traffic Strategy

02 Jul 2014

Have a read of the followng;  see what proposals the Council supports;  have a look at the Kings Meadows Traffic Management Report; and the Launceston Traffic Study and tell us your thoughts!  Have we covered everything!  Have we left something out!  If you could do one thing to improve this strategy, what would it be?

The Launceston Traffic Study is a collaborative project between the Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources (DIER) and the Council to specifically investigate heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle congestion and conflicts within the city boundaries of Launceston. 

The Council at its meeting on 10 June 2014 resolved to undertake the following projects:

  1. Address the east/west traffic congestion in the context  of the City Heart Project
  2. Undertake design and seek funding for improvements to the Goderich Street / Lindsay Street junciton to improve capacity
  3. Undertake design and works to remove the traffic lights and changes to access at the Lower Charles Street / Esplanade junction while maintaining our improving pedestrian safety and amenity.

The principle outcome of the Launceston Traffic Study is to identify priority project(s) to allow DIER to undertake the detailed Scoping Study necessary to list the project on the federal government road funding priority list.

We have also prepared a traffic safety and congestion study for Hobart Road through Kings Meadows.  It models the increases due to a proposed Discount Department Store in the shopping centre. The report proposes a number of Infrastructure Projects to address existing issues and reduce the impact of the new store.this one is resulting from the Launceston traffic study and the king meadows traffic management report.  The Council at at meeting on 10 June 2014 resolved to undertake the following projects:

  1. Provide signage to encourage use of the Southern Outlet
  2. Alter the Wellington Street/Southern Outlet junction to promote use of the Southern Outlet
  3. Support provision of a roundabout at the Midland Highway/Kings Meadows Connector junction
  4. Alter the Kings Meadows Connector/Hobart Road junction to promote use of Kings Meadows Connector
  5. Alter the Hobart Road / Riseley Street / Innocent Street junction to increase capacity and improve safety

 Do you support the initiatives the council has identified?  Or, are there other projects in the report which the council should reconsider!



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