How will my answers be used?

    Information and feedback you provide will allow us to understand whether the way we communicate and involve our community in decision making is effective and to identify ways that we can improve to ensure this is the case.

    Will my details be published anywhere?

    Details are kept in the consultation system we use but will never be shared publicly.

    How do I view the results of this consultation?

    Once the consultation period is complete we will publish a summary of results on this page! We will also send an email out to all participants (that leave an email address and wish to be contacted) with the results.

    How do I participate in more consultations like this?

    It's super easy! All you need to do is click on the 'Register Here' button in the top right hand corner of this page to join our Community Panel. We will then let you know when new consultations are added to this site.

    When will this consultation be open to?

    This consultation will be open until August 12 and you can have your say right up until 5pm on this day.

    What will the summary be used for?

    Results from this consultation will be used to develop a Communications Strategy for the City of Launceston to make sure we are communicating well with our community.

    Who will the results of this consultation be shared with?

    The summary report from this consultation will be shared with Council Aldermen, management and officers, as well as shared with the community on Your voice, your Launceston.