What are the North Bank precinct redevelopment OBJECTIVES?

    1. To provide enhanced access to the River Edge and improve the natural values and visual amenity
    2. To deliver an expansion of the established riverside walking and cycling trails and provide improved connectivity along the public open space network
    3. To invest in infrastructure to support community based events and passive recreational activities
    4. To provide a framework to identify and inform specific opportunities for both public and private sector investment and to maximise the synergies between these development opportunities.

    What are the expected OUTCOMES of the redevelopment of the North Bank precinct?

    1. Enhanced natural values and improved water quality via the re-introduction of endemic flora to the currently degraded intertidal zone
    2. Improved location and facilities for existing club and school based on-water sporting activities (rowing, kayaking, etc.) and enhanced opportunities for recreational activities for the general public
    3. Improved visual amenity and outlook from the existing Seaport Precinct
    4. Expanded opportunities for interaction with the river edge environment
    5. Increased opportunities for passive and active recreational pursuits
    6. Improved connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists from the CBD to the North Bank precinct
    7. Completion of the 'missing link' between established activity areas across the city
    8. Creation of a new attractor and activity generator for the city via the establishment of a major new regional playground facility
    9. Service provision for a wide sector of user groups via the inclusion of multi-age/multi-ability playground equipment, and nature based play opportunities
    10. Creation of a vibrant new community events precinct capable of hosting multiple event types and reducting the burden on existing facilities such as City Park
    11. Improved opportunities for small group events, family bbq's and picnics in close proximity to the CBD
    12. The establishment of a major new accommodation and tourism development via private sector investment and rehabilitation of the exisiting Silo's structure
    13. Opportunities for the establishment of new service related business activities
    14. Catalyst for investment and regeneration of the neighbouring precincts to the north of the primary site area.