What role does the Nomenclature Board play in the naming of North Bank?

    The Nomenclature Board determines the appropriateness of a proposed place name, based on the application of the Rules for Place Names in Tasmania, and can subsequently approve or reject a proposed name. 

    The Nomenclature Board is authorised to:
      • assign names to any places in Tasmania
      • determine the spelling to be adopted for those names
      • determine names to be included or omitted from official maps and records
      • compile and maintain a register of place names.

    What is the expected completion date for the North Bank precinct redevelopment?

    The project will be finished by the end of December 2018 with the exception of the Big Lawn which will be completed shortly after.

    When will the Seaport pedestrian bridge be completed?

    End of June 2018.

    What design features does this precinct include to ensure it is as safe as possible?

    The design of the area will allow for clear views into, across and through the site.  Good 'passive and natural surveillance' is the technical term for this, and it is proven to discourage anti-social behaviour.

    There will also be LED lighting throughout pathways, pavilions, public amenities and some feature lighting on specific play equipment.

    Will all ablilties play equipment be included in this precinct?

    Yes.  We consulted with St Giles and chose a large portion of equipment with excellent play value for all abilities.

    The planting in the area will also be of a sensory/textural nature and the design in general has been considered in terms of relationships between open spaces, little nooks, more intimate areas and more active areas. This ensures there is choice for everyone and decreases the chance of overwhelming some children.

    Will the water play be safe for children?

    The running water is virtually zero depth. Water will run through open pipes and open trays where children will be able to explore and experiment with sand and water. The design meets Australian standards for Water Play.

    Will the precinct car parking be free?

    Yes.  However there will be time restrictions.

    Will WiFi and CCTV infrastructure be included in this precinct?

    There has been provision made for this infrastructure, however WiFi and CCTV will be implemented as part of a longer term strategy for the City of Launceston.