01 February 2019

Mesh Livable Urban Communities engaged as consultants for the project.

01 May 2019

Three resident vision workshops held at Albert Hall.

261 formal invitations sent to Relbia residents and 145 Relbia residents attended over the three workshops.

01 July 2019

'What we heard' summary brochure sent out to residents within the study area.

01 August 2019

Traffic Impact Assessment prepared by Pitt & Sherry.

21 November 2019

An update was provided to Council at their workshop meeting.

01 May 2020

Traffic consultants Pitt & Sherry complete additional work.

01 July 2020

First draft of Feasibility Study received from Mesh Livable Urban Communities Consultants.

10 December 2020

Feasibility Report endorsed for consultation at Council Meeting.

18 December 2020

8 weeks of community consultation begins.

12 February 2021

Consultation for this stage of the project closes on Friday 12 February at 5.00pm.

01 March → 30 June 2021

Feedback from the community will be collated and Council will consider this at a Council Meeting.

16 December 2021

Final Report to be presented Council on Thursday 16 December, 2021.