About waste and recycling

    Why has Council developed the Launceston resource recovery and waste management: interim strategy and action plan (ISAP)?

    The ISAP is a short term plan for managing waste and recycling in Launceston. It has been prepared in response to Launceston City Council's resolution in 2010 to investigate the feasibility of diverting 90% of waste from Launceston landfill. The ISAP includes a range of initiatives and trials which will help inform a longer term strategy for how the greater Launceston community manages its waste.

    When will the long term strategy be developed?

    Once the initiatives and activities in the ISAP have been implemented, Council will commence development of its long term resource recovery and wste management strategy. Development of the strategy will likely commence in the 2013/14 financial year.

    When will the resale shop be opened?

    Council will work towards establishing a resale shop following the controlled resource recovery trials at the Launceston Waste Centre. The exact timeframe for establishment of the resale shop is not certain. However, if the trials are successful and a suitable contractor can be found, Council anticipates a resale centre could be established in the second half of 2013.

    Will my kerbside garbage charges change as a result of the landfill lifecycle cost review?

    The landfill lifecycle cost review aims to set waste disposal fees based on current and future anticipated costs of operating a landfill, including upgrades, environmental compliance and carbon costs. Until this review is completed, Council is unable to indicate if or how waste charges may change. A fundamental element of the pricing review is that future generations are not left to pay an unfair financial cost to manage waste that is landfilled today.

    Where can I get information about Launceston City Council's current waste and recycling services, including kerbside collections and what I can and cannot recycle?

    Information about current waste and recycling services is available on Council's website – www.launceston.tas.gov.au – or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 6323 3000.


About the consultation

    How can I get more information?

    Information about waste and recycling activies planned by Launceston City Council can be found by reviewing the one page information sheets and the ISAP, both of which are available on Your Voice.  Your Launceston.

    Alternatively, more information about the proposed strategies can be gained by attending one of the shopping centre information sessions.

    You can also email wasteandrecycling@launceston.tas.gov.au for more information.

    I am not a resident of Launceston but I use the Launceston Waste Centre. Can I participate in the consultation?

    Yes, anyone who uses the Launceston Waste Centre or is likely to use the centre in the future can have their say on the Future of waste and recycling in Launceston. However, only residents of the Launceston municipality should respond to the survey questions about organics collection service on Your Voice. Your Launceston.

    How will I know what the results of this consultation are?

    Anyone who registers on Your Voice. Your Launceston, who provides a submission as part of the consultation or places their name on an email list at one of the shopping centre information sessions will automatically receive an email notification about the outcomes of the consultation.

    A media release will also be issued soon after Council has considered the outcomes of the consultation, which will direct the community to Council's website, www.launceston.tas.gov.au or Council's Customer Service Centre for full details.